A Review of A Wholehearted Approach to Change –

For five weeks I spent two inspiring hours every Wednesday evening with staff and volunteers of the RADIAL Project at the Glasgow School of Art. Project coordinator Eilidh Sinclair has written a review of the programme.

The course took us on a journey. By introducing us to the theory and models, which attempt to explain change, we were then able to apply these and devise coping strategies for our own work/practice/life. In doing so we are able to look at the world through different eyes, from a different lens, and ultimately effect change within ourselves and others around us.

“I thought this was a great workshop and exactly the type of strategic thinking we all need to integrate into our work if we want to bring about real change.”

Source: A Wholehearted Approach to Change – The Review | R A D I A L

Sound good? I’d love to do something similar with other groups and organisations.