Another Way netwalking evening

Do you sometimes feel that you’re so busy working towards outcomes and deadlines that you rarely have the time and space to slow down and think deeply about what you’re trying to achieve and how you can best do that?

Do you wish you had more opportunities and unpressured time to reflect with your peers about the ways you, your organisation and others are contributing to the greater good – whatever that means to you? To explore perhaps ideas emerging from approaches such as Common Cause, Natural Change, ULab and more?

If so, we invite you to an informal prototype “netwalking” evening that my good friend Tom Deacon and I are developing for people engaged with various aspects of sustainability, wellbeing, climate change, social justice, democracy etc:

People tell us they enjoyed the process immensely and found it useful and refreshing:

I thought yesterday was a fantastic event – a great opportunity to take some time out to think and breath, and talk to some great people. Thanks to both you and Tom for creating the space and making it happen. Looking forward to the next one!

We’ll meet outside the main entrance of the Scottish Parliament and head into Holyrood Park where we will walk, talk, listen and reflect, before finishing at Hemma Bar, Holyrood Road, around 7.30pm where conversation can continue…

Thanks Osbert and Tom and everyone else! A very worthwhile and engaging experience. I hope to repeat it.

The inspiration for this offer draws on our experience and training as facilitators working in natural environments, and through our shared desire to open up space for ourselves and others to have conversations that matter. As we walk we will offer some very lightly structured activities incorporating mindful reflection, paired and group dialogue. We ask only for your open participation in return.

Why Holyrood Park? In Edinburgh we are fortunate to have such a wonderful semi-natural open space so near the centre of the city. Being out of doors, in closer contact with nature and walking together marks a break from our working day and creates a different dynamic for us as individuals and as a group. And just as importantly it is refreshing, enjoyable and healthy.

We believe this event will help us all:

  • generate ideas to incorporate into our current work and for new activities and projects
  • make new, and deepen existing, relationships with others who share interests around sustainability, wellbeing, social justice, democracy etc
  • gain greater clarity about how our work can contribute more effectively to the greater good

We do hope you’ll join us.

Future dates: sign up in the bar across the bottom of your screen to be notified when new dates are scheduled.

[Photo by Simon Q used under Creative Commons]