The role of values in transformational change

Cover ImageIn June 2015 I helped organise a roundtable with Tom Crompton, founder of the Common Cause Foundation. With around 30 participants we had to drop our original plan for a literal round-a-table-discussion, and designed a more structured approach which created a powerful mix of strategic input, stimulating discussion and deep personal reflection.

Participants decided that:

The Role of Values in Transformational Change is…

  • Fundamental and complex
  • Important to understand
  • Relevant to meaning and narratives
  • Provides a framework for reflection
  • Provides a framework for engagement

And said they would therefore like to…

  • Understand more about values and how they work
  • Open up meaningful conversations
  • Explore and use narratives
  • Work with organisational values
  • Bring values into what they do

You can download a note of the event: The-Role-of-Values-in-Transformational-Change-Final