What will your group use a development grant for?

Development Grants of £1,500 are now available from the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund to help community-led organisations develop applications for more significant funding to tackle climate change. The development grant can help groups at every step along the journey from an initial idea, through community consultation to planning a project and preparing an application for project funding.

New and established community groups working on climate change have a wealth of expertise and experience, but sometimes it can be helpful to have an outside perspective and specialist advise and support – and the development grant can make that possible.

A workshop with student volunteers and activists developing zero waste projects

Osbert Lancaster and Pamela Candea have worked with many community groups as advisers, mentors, consultants and trainers. We have run training workshops through the Climate Challenge Fund’s Community Action Support Programme on: Planning for the Future; Identifying a Project; Designing a Project; and skills and techniques for Positive Change. We can help you design and carry out community consultations.

We know that getting people together for meetings and trainings can be difficult, so we adapt our support to fit each group’s needs. One approach we find works very well is a few short sessions spread over several weeks to introduce key skills and knowledge – and in between the sessions the community group have time to do work on consultations, draft plans etc, and then to build on these at the next session. We can provide feedback and advice by phone or Skype between sessions too.

 Four Questions
The Four Questions – part of the Shifting Normal Approach

On behalf of the Scottish Government we developed the guide Shifting Normal: How to design projects that change things for the better. Use of the Shifting Normal approach is encouraged by the CCF, and we incorporate it into most of our training.

If you think we might be able to help your group turn initial ideas into a great project – or you’re just interested in help with some specific aspect – please do contact us:

By the way, people say we’re really good at what we do:

“I thought this was a great workshop and exactly the type of strategic thinking we all need to integrate into our work if we want to bring about real change.”

“The course took us on a journey. By introducing us to the theory and models, which attempt to explain change, we were then able to apply these and devise coping strategies for our own work/practice/life. In doing so we are able to look at the world through different eyes, from a different lens, and ultimately effect change within ourselves and others around us.”

“Osbert’s support and advice were absolutely invaluable. By helping me to understand my aspirations and working with me to develop practical methods to achieve them, Osbert enabled me to take some major steps to put this approach into practice in our organisation. I would not have progressed anywhere near as far as I have without his insight and gentle guidance.”

“Thanks for an excellent session. I know we all very much enjoyed it and it has helped build strong foundations for our strategic planning and team building. You pitched the format and tone of the sessions just right, and as always brought a lovely encouraging style.”

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